Friday, December 02, 2016

You wait ages and two come along at once !

I forgot

to add a couple of pictures, so here they are now...

Gosh Where has the time gone?

It's quite some time since i last blogged on here, and lots of things have happened. i have decided to keep this going now and post more about my life. i am 70 years of age now, 71 in 2 months time so no time to waste. It's my Mums birthday today she would have been 96! If she had been here she would still have been telling me to put an extra pullover on when its cold. I will be visiting her grave this week with a christmas wreath, in Longridge.

Its 7.30pm now and my eyes are going a bit, and no doubt i will be nodding off in the chair. I used to laugh at Mum and Dad for doing that, i could never understand why they had to, but i sure do now!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

bye bye AOL, hello Virgin

Well i finally went and did it! i changed from good old AOL to Virgin. After fifteen years and struggling to get 2.5 mb i cancelled my contract and brought a Virgin in. I am now receiving over 30mb but paying an awful lot more for it.

A new pair of eyes

Well i finally had my second eye operation at Bolton Infirmary, and im glad to say everything went really well. When i took the eye shield off, on the morning after the operation i could see to write and read without the magnifyer and glasses! i can now see better than 20 years ago. The picture below is scarey and i look proper fed up! but really im just glad to get it over with!!!

Oh well it doesnt seem to want to let me upload the photo, never mind, it saves you from seeing it!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh! my Dear old thing!

Listening to the final test against Australia from The Oval, with Blowers, Tuffers, Aggers, and Geoffrey ! Its been a great series and England are winning 3 - 0 with one game drawn before this match.

Radio5live is great for the commentary, but i try not to miss a single ball over the five days.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It aint half hot Mum !!!

It is one of the hottest days i have known today, all my plants are doing well, if they would only flower! i water them, i feed them, but still not flowers open!

It is over 80F today and we are looking fo4rward to our next holiday starting on 22nd of this month. We are off to the Lake District, Dale is coming with us this time, and both he and Paul have got brand new bikes to take with them. I will take some photos and put them on my next edition!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A really sad time

one of my oldest friends has died. Andrew Taylor is his name and he was my close friend for over 35 years. He was only 51 years of age as well, and he and his wife lived near me. He used to come fishing with us quite a lot and i have put a picture of him below enjoying his fishing with us less than a year ago. RIP Andrew i will never ever forget you my friend.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Beside the Seaside- Beside the Sea

Hello, we just got back from Blackpool after another fishing trip. This time a nice easy drive for me for a change. It was a lovely little CL site affiliated to the Caravan Club and called "Serendipity" or "Happy Accident" The mates caught plenty of fish in the big lake which is attached to the caravan site, and is for Members only. We are deffo going back there soon. One of the days i took a drive up to Fleetwood, via Cleveleys. The seafront at Cleveleys has been all done up and looks really nice now. Fleetwood market was really busy, but i dont care for the Freeport Shopping Complex. Blackpool itself is undergoing lots of refurbishment. The prom is having a new seawall and the illuminations are almost ready for the switch on which is only a few weeks off now, i wonder what happened to the summer? The front of the tower looks a mess, but it was being worked upon so i expect next time i see it, it will look much nicer than before.

I have included a picture of Andrew who caught an enormous fish!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

it's been a while

It seems ages since i wrote anything on here, we have been out and about and generally being busy. We recently went to Scarborough in North Yorkshire, although i always call it East Yorkshire it being right on the coast. It was so hot on the day we travelled. The temperature went from like 15C to 32 C in one day, and it really tired me out. When we arrived all i could do was have a sit down! Good job i had Andrew and Paul with me!

They went fishing, fishing, fishing! both in the sea and ponds, and we all had a thorough good time. i will post a couple of photos for you all to see.